Reactor Vessels

J.K.INDUSTRIES manufactures reactors of capacities varying from 50L to 1,20,000L in various materials of constructions such as stainless steels Gr. 304 / Gr.316 / M.S. etc. The reactors are provided with various types of Agitators such Turbine, Anchor, propeller or any special type as per requirement of the process. It may be provided with internal cooling coils if needed. Reactors for various industries can be manufactured, as per process need such Resin plant, Basic drug plant, Bioreactor, open reactors etc. The S.S. Reactor can be either in mirror finish or Aluminium finish as per requirement of the process / customer.

The reactors can be manufactured in various types, with various types of Agitators such Turbine, Anchor, propeller 

Cone Type Reactor Vessels & Cylinder type Reactor Vessels

Cone Type Reactor Vessel & Cylinder type Reactor Vessel

Conical type with limpet coil/ jacketed/ lining Cylindrical type with limpet coil/ jacketed/lining

Cylinder type Reactor Vessels




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