Heat Exchanger

We bring high precision heat exchangers that are used to transfer heat from one medium to another. These heat exchangers are highly efficient in recovery of heat without an accompanying phase change. Be it fluids, gases, steam or vapors, these heat exchangers are effective in carrying out the heat recovery. Even if the fluids are separated by a medium that is a metal wall, these heat exchangers are equally useful and are fabricated from graphite, plastic or other corrosion-resistant materials. 

heat exchanger - Shell and tube heat exchangers

These heat exchangers find a very wide application in industries like :

  • Chemical industries like petrochemical processing and petroleum refining.

  • Food industry for pasteurization of milk and canning of processed foods.

  • In nuclear reaction systems.

  • In electrical industries for generation of steam for production of power and electricity.

  • In cryogenics for low temperature separation of gases.

  • In air crafts and space vehicles. 

We offer various types of heat exchangers like

heat exchanger - Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger that consists of a series of finned tubes, through which one of the fluids runs and the second fluid runs over the finned tubes to be heated or cooled.

  • Plate heat exchanger that is more advanced and more effective than the shell and tube heat exchanger. These are used in HVAC applications and refrigeration, and differ in the types of plates and the configurations of those plates.

  • Regenerative heat exchanger that is used to warm the fluids to be used in the process and the same type of fluid is used either side of the heat exchanger.

  • Dynamic heat exchangers that are commonly used for heating or cooling of high viscosity products, crystallization processes, evaporation and other high fouling applications.



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