Coating Pan / Sifter

Coating Pan

In the process of coating tablets and confectionaries, the personal skills of the coater needs to be supplemented by a correctly designed, versatile coating pan. 

J.K.INDUSTRIES Coating Pan have very heavy & sturdy structure , made from angles & channels. Complete structure covered from all sides. Two nos. of covers with hinges provided on two sides( left & right ) of the structure. Three nos. of covers are fixed with bolts. 

Variable speed pulley system made out of cast iron, with motor slides are provide up to 48" size for speed variation. Motor & worm reduction gear are used of any reputed make, as per customer requirement. ( A.C. frequency drive for variable speed of coating pan will be also provided on demand ) 

Coating pan made from 10 SWG, SS304 or SS316 or SS316 L material and polished to the mirror finished from inside & outside. 

J.K.INDUSTRIES Coating Pans have been designed after a careful study of the needs of expert coaters such as Rotational Speed, Angle of inclination of Pan, Inside finishing of the pan , Total Volume and Temperature of the hot air. 

Description :

The standard pan is elliptical in shape, mounted at 30 angle. RPM of the pan is variable. with help of the variable speed pulley.( A.C. Drive provided optionally )

Inbuilt hot air blower system as a standard supply up to 48'' size ( Excluding 60'' & 72'' size ) & high capacity mobile hot air blower system also provided ( as a optional ) with temperature controller to control the temperature of air at selected temperatures between 30C to 75C is provided with air delivery pipe to deliver required quantity of air in the pan.


12'', 24'', 30'', 36'', 42'', 48'', 60'' & 72'' 

Special Features :

  • Pan fabricated from 3 mm thick, SS Sheet of SS 304 / SS 316 quality with adequate mouth opening and depth. 

  • Temperature controller provided for temp. controlling. 

  • Anti vibrating unit provided for proper leveling, hence no requirement of foundation. 

  • Compact hot air blower with inlet air damping arrangement. 

  • General structure made out of M.S. in Standard Model & same will be covered with SS304 in GMP Model. 

  • Easy mounting arrangement for change over from Coating Pan to Polishing Pan. 

Optional :

  • GMP models . 

  • Contact parts ( Pan ) made out of SS 316 material. 

  • Flameproof motor with flameproof starter for Coating Pan drive. 

  • Steam heated hot air blower system with flameproof blower. 

  • Polishing pan size 24', 36", 42", 48", 60" & 72" , made out of mild steel or SS304 / SS316. 

  • Buffels ( welded or detachable type ) provided inside the pan, if required. 


Vibro Sifter

Operation :

This vibrating energy screen is unit consisting of circular pretensioned screen mounted on the frame along with vibrating motor. The vibrating motor imparts three plane vibrations to the screen due to revolving eccentric weights. Total assembly is mounted on suitable springs so that it becomes a independent body which vibrates without parting any vibrations to the foundations.

Special Features :

  • High capacity & optimum use of space. 

  • Process adaptability. 

  • Low operating and maintenance cost. 

  • Long screen life. 

  • Easy for assembly & dis assembly for cleaning & change over of screens. 

  • Springs amplify the vibrations leading to reduced motor HP, maintenance & operational cost. 

  • Compact unit for easy of operations. 

  • Available in two, three & four deck also.

Technical Specification :

  • Model : 24" / 30" / 40" 
  • Drive Motor : 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.0 HP. 
  • Screen diameter : 600 / 750 / 990 mm ( approx.) 
  • All contact parts are made out of SS304 quality material. ( SS316 Optional ) 
  • D.O.L. starter provided with the unit. 
  • Out put : 24" : up to 150 Kgs./ Hr. 
                   30" : up to 200 Kgs./ Hr. 
                   40" : up to 300 Kgs./ Hr. 
    ( Depending upon the material properties and the screen size ) 

Optional :

  • Contact parts are made out of SS316 quality material instead of SS304. 
  • Single Deck / Double Deck / Three Deck. 

Recommended :

  • Wide range of seaves available in sizes from 4 mesh to 150 mesh.




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