Automatic Bottling Line


Washing/Rinsing Machine

Turn Table Liquid Filling Machine Automatic Cap Sealing Machine

Inspection Table

Automatic Labeeling Machine Packaging Conveyor




Washing/Rinsing Machine

Available in linear and rotary configuration depending upon speed requirement.
Ppeed 80-240 vials/bottles per min.
Various inner and outer washes are provided for various application Hot air can be provided for drying.

make the automatic bottling line page similar as filter press

Automatic bottling line



Turn Table

  • Also, known as Scarmbler and Unscrambler

  • Available in diff. Sizes 3", 36", & 48" etc.

  • With variable/fixed pulley drives suitable to ensure continuous, regulated flow of containers.

  • Can also be provided with VFD (variable frequency drive) for speed variation.

Automatic bottling line - turn Table



Liquid Filling Machine

  • Operating principle: Volumetric and Vaccumetric.

  • Syringes are equipped with perfect suck back arrangement to avoid dripping.

  • fill volume can be adjusted with the help of adjustable eccentricity of ram shaft.

  • No bottle - No filling arrangement.

  • Foaming & spillage is avoided due to diving nozzles.

  • Fill volume upto 5 ltr.

  • Available upto 8 heads depending on requirement.

  • Also available Semi-Automatic twin head model with or without diving nozzles.

  • Widely used in pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Distillery & brewery, Lube & Edible oil and PEsticides industries.

  • Also available Vaccumetric rotary fillers in diff. capacity

Automatic bottling line - Liquid Filling



Automatic Cap Sealing Machine

  • Suitable for various sizes of caps.

  • Available up to 12 head depending up on output requirement.

  • Due to the special safety device on star wheel shaft, it prevents any damage to the working parts in case of jamming or over Loading.

  • "No Container, No cap, No capping"

  • Perfect synchronisation between conveyor and star wheel is achieved by using single motor only.

  • Various type of specially designed capping heads ensures high quality of capping.

  • Vibratory/ mechanically oriented cap feeding arrangement can be provided.

Automatic bottling line - Cap Sealing Machine



Inspection Table

  • Multitrack conveying system either of S.S/delnin slats.

  • S.S. light canopy with black and white background is placed above conveyor.

  • Three track having either side un-inspected & center inepected goes for further labelling.

  • Manual pick up from un-inspected track & found ok, place in center track for further process.

  • Can be designed as per container & requirements.

Automatic bottling line - Inspection Machine



Automatic Labeeling Machine

  • GMP design

  • Full security package including counter.

  • product data storage facility

  • No change parts required.

  • Very less down time for change over.

  • Suitable for Glass, Plastic,Pet,Tin, Corrugated contaniers

Automatic bottling line - Labeling machine



Packaging Conveyor

  • Structure is made up of S.S. 304, 30 mm Sq. pipe, 16 SWG with matt finish.

  • A/C frequency variable drive.

  • Belt-alignment system for long life) straighter running of belt.

  • S.S. elegantly matt finishing.

  • Adjustable height of conveyor belt, to align, with other machines of the line.

  • Self-alignment bearing for easy maintenance.

  • Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.

Automatic bottling line - Conveyor Belt




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